InventHelp – Helping Inventors With Their Invention Ideas

InventHelp is a company that helps inventors with their invention ideas. They offer various ideas and tips for inventors to maximize their business opportunities. With professional tips, they can improve their ideas and inventions. Read on to discover more.

InventHelp charges a fee

InventHelp provides guidance and resources for inventors in various stages of the process. The fees are deducted from the profits earned by the inventors of the inventions.. The company can hire a graphic illustrator or a technical writer for the development of your invention.

The first step in getting your invention idea off the ground is to contact InventHelp and submit your information. After reviewing your submission, an agent will follow up with you. The company also requires a confidentiality agreement with its clients. This agreement protects both the inventor and InventHelp. InventHelp will also personally reach out to potential clients so they can follow up with you. It’s a good idea to have someone with a legal background to help you with your invention.

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Another important aspect of an invention service is persistence. If they fail to follow up with you, your idea may fall through the cracks. You should also look for the highest-rated company in the area you’re considering. If you find a company that’s unreliable, you’ll soon be frustrated and unsure about your invention. InventHelp’s reputation precedes them.


Prototypes are important in any invention process. Prototypes help you explain your concept and demonstrate why it’s useful to others. You’ll need to give a prototype to the company, and this is one of the steps InventHelp helps with. InventHelp will recommend a patent attorney for you. This is a crucial step in the process and can make all the difference between an unsuccessful invention and a profitable business.


InventHelp charges a percentage of a profit

InventHelp has a reputation for being the largest scam in the patent marketing industry. They have fooled countless customers and continue to do so today. Their promises are empty, and they use your ideas for their own profit, which makes it impossible to evaluate the effectiveness of their services.


However, some aspiring inventors have filed a class action lawsuit against InventHelp for deceptive practices. The lawsuit alleges that InventHelp charged its customers for ineffective service and failed to deliver on its promise.


One of the major challenges facing any inventor is patenting their idea. Patent attorneys provide valuable advice and expert advice to inventors on the process and can help you avoid costly mistakes. InventHelp also helps its clients apply for U.S. patents, which is a necessary step to protect your invention idea. While patent attorneys may not be a part of the InventHelp system, they can still help you protect your idea by working with a licensed patent attorney.


InventHelp won’t give you an opinion on your invention

InventHelp is a patent marketing company that helps inventors with their invention ideas. They can help you with technical assistance and professional advice. They won’t give you an opinion on your idea, but they will provide you with technical assistance to get your idea patentable. InventHelp also offers technical assistance to entrepreneurs. If you’re not familiar with the patenting process, check out this video to learn about the process.


InventHelp’s process is very specific. The process is confidential. You don’t have to worry about a third party giving you an opinion on your invention idea. Instead, InventHelp works with you through the entire process, from the initial idea phase to its successful commercialization. The company will work with you throughout the process to ensure your invention is a viable business idea.


InventHelp has a poor reputation. Many customers have complained of false advertising, deception, and exploitation. They are often accused of violating consumer protection laws, acting in bad faith, and conspiring with competitors. InventHelp has a history of fraud, and the company is currently under investigation for these charges. As a result, it’s worth checking up on its reputation before using them.


InventHelp also provides support services for inventors. This can include referring patents, creating prototypes, and marketing to relevant industries. These services can make all the difference in your invention’s success. However, it’s important to remember that you can’t expect an instant opinion, which is why the InventHelp patent submission program is so useful. They can help you get your invention into the market faster.


InventHelp won’t evaluate your idea

InventHelp is a website that provides an in-depth resource for inventors, including resources for connecting them with patent attorneys and industry professionals. The website also helps inventors navigate the entire invention process, from idea conception to commercialization. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, InventHelp employs more than 100 employees, including researchers, writers, illustrators, and other professionals.


The “client relations” reps at these invention firms often solicit money from inventors by promising a free inventor’s kit or a free invention evaluation. The problem is that these individuals don’t care if your product will be successful. They are simply interested in gaining your money. And the reason they focus on telling you what you want to hear is that they know how to manipulate you. A company that claims to have a high success rate and low fees won’t evaluate your idea.


A new invention help company may not be as experienced as InventHelp. A new company may not have experience in all areas of invention help. An established company has a staff that understands the needs of inventors and has a strong track record of success. The fact that it has helped hundreds of inventors over the last 35 years means that it has people who have the necessary experience to evaluate your idea. The company can help you navigate the entire invention process and ensure your success.


After reviewing the information in your color submission brochure, Invent Help will prepare 3D CAD models of your invention ideas. These 3-D models are essentially digital blueprints of your invention. The company then utilizes a high-tech 3-D printer to create prototype models of your idea. These machines use patented Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology to create durable acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastics to produce a three-dimensional prototype of your invention.

InventHelp Invention Ideas: Most Crucial Information For You

Before pursuing your new invention idea, you must develop a conceptualization process. This process is crucial for bringing your invention to the market. It involves brainstorming different solutions to the problem. A conceptualization can only be accomplished when you have a prototype that you can present to an objective audience. A successful invention is a good example of a product that solves a real problem. By conceptualizing your new invention idea, you can create multiple solutions that solve the problem at hand.

Developing a “sell sheet”

A sell sheet is a short description of your product, including pictures, diagrams, and benefits. It should be easy to read and should convey enough information to get the reader’s interest without going into too much detail. The main goal of the sell sheet is to attract potential customers, not turn them off. When possible, use a storyboard to further explain your concept and highlight its benefits.

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A sell-sheet should contain the most crucial information about your product, as well as contact information for prospective buyers. Make it easy for them to contact you with any questions, and include your contact information so they can move forward in the sales process. If possible, list a few additional products that may be of interest to the same audience. Keeping your sell sheet brief and informative will help you attract more buyers.


A sell-sheet will give you the perfect pitch, without you even having to make the presentation! It’s an advertisement of your idea and is concise, to the point, and geared toward people who have no time to process your product. Creating a sell sheet is an important first step. Here are some tips to help you create a sell sheet:


In the past, sell sheets were photocopies, but now, sell sheets can be a small web page dedicated to your invention idea. One page dedicated to a sell sheet is much more budget-friendly. Include a headline, product description, target markets, and contact information. If you don’t have a prototype, you can also include an illustration or photo of your product. You should also provide contact information on the sales sheet.


Creating a prototype

Creating a prototype for your new invention idea is a crucial step in bringing your idea to life. It is the first functioning version of your product, which is crucial for marketing, pre-selling, and raising financing. Creating a prototype will allow you to work out the kinks in your product before moving forward with the production process. Keep in mind that a complex prototype may require multiple revisions. To minimize the risk of wasting time and money, it’s best to create a prototype that’s of the highest quality. Creating a prototype is the best way to get valuable feedback and avoid spending more than you have to.


Depending on the complexity of your idea, a crude prototype might be enough to test out the basic premise of your invention. More elaborate prototypes are available to test out the features of the product. A final prototype is often a 3D image, which is perfect for gathering feedback from the market. CAD models are also used by engineers to communicate with manufacturers and obtain accurate quotes for manufacturing. Prototypes can range from a few simple line drawings to entire products.


After defining the basic features of your invention, it’s time to create a working prototype. This step is essential to refine your product’s design and usability. It also gives you a leg up when pitching potential investors. A working prototype can be displayed to investors for their input. Then, you’ll know exactly how your final product will look and feel. In addition to helping you improve your final product, a working prototype can inspire other ideas for new inventions.


Prototypes often require several iterations, since the idea may change significantly before it reaches a final product. If there are moving parts, special materials, or electronics, several prototypes may be necessary. In such cases, the final product must be affordable. Without testing, a product could fail to meet its functional requirements. By testing, you can ensure that your new product works properly, increase the chance of success, and is usable by consumers.


Getting unbiased feedback

Getting unbiased feedback about new invention ideas is essential for any inventor who is trying to make a successful business out of their idea. Many times, inventors simply assume that customers want what they have and are unsure of how to best satisfy that demand. It is much cheaper to ask for feedback now than to change it later. Here are some tips for getting feedback from those who are likely to have a hand in the creation of your new product:


Bringing an invention to market

Inventors have been powering human progress since our anthropoid ancestors first started making tools. The process of bringing an invention to market involves more than just clever brain firing. Inventions can change people’s lives and make inventors rich. This guide will walk you through the labor-intensive process of bringing an invention to market. Inventors need to overcome several obstacles along the way, including:


Inventors tend to underestimate the power of distribution and retail. While an excellent idea might be revolutionary, it will not sell if it is not offered at a convenient time or at a reasonable price. They must also be presented in such a way that the potential buyers will understand the benefits. Inventors should consider finding the right distribution partners and investors to help them market and sell their inventions. Knowing which businesses might be interested in your invention is an excellent way to find these partners.


In addition to licensing, inventors should evaluate the patent landscape and competitors’ technologies. Generally, inventions are marketed through established relationships. In addition to market research and competition, inventors can raise awareness of their inventions through publications, presentations, conferences, and web postings. They should also provide information on potential commercial partners, such as customer feedback and market research. Since inventors are the best person to describe their inventions, they are the best people to talk about its benefits. Inventors should be actively involved in the marketing process throughout the entire process.


While many inventors assume that all inventions are valuable, a careful look can help you separate the ones that will sell and make you money. Ultimately, an invention should solve a real-world problem. Then it should be worth the effort to bring it to market. You should never waste your life’s savings on an unprofitable invention. However, if your invention can solve a problem that millions of people face, it is worth the effort.

What is the Process When Inventing an Idea?

If you have a great idea, you might be wondering what the process of patenting it is. There are several steps in the process, including writing down your idea, conducting market research, and developing a prototype. In this article, we will explain what each step entails, and what you should expect when filing for patent protection. We’ll also cover how to develop and file a patent application.

Writing down ideas

Invention ideas are often inspired by existing products or services. Whether it’s computer software or a new device, an idea for an invention can be rooted in a need. The key to writing down ideas is to capture them as soon as they come to mind. While they can easily float away, inventors are trained to capture ideas quickly. Listed below are some tips for capturing an idea.

Prewriting. The process of coming up with ideas involves a variety of methods, such as brainstorming, free writing, and invention. Ideas that arise during prewriting are often useful in developing the initial idea. Brainstorming involves writing down sentences or paragraphs that relate to the initial idea. It is important to note that each step will involve generating ideas. Although the first step is the most important, the process of the invention doesn’t stop there.

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Conducting market research

Before you launch your new product, conduct market research. Market research will help you figure out if your idea has market potential and whether or not there is already a market for your idea. It will also help you determine if you have an idea worth pursuing and which competitors are in your industry. Among other benefits of conducting market research, it can help you refine your idea and improve its chances of success.


When inventing an idea, most inventors start with an idea of a target market. A video game, for example, is likely to appeal to a market of preteens, whereas a tool belt might appeal to adults. Market research can help you uncover subtleties that would otherwise go unnoticed. For example, you might discover that women are particularly interested in tool belts, or that a market of twenty and thirty-something men are large and profitable.


In addition to being an invaluable resource, conducting market research when inventing an idea will help you refine your product or service idea. Whether you’re developing a product for a niche market or creating a new service, market research can help you understand what the market wants. If your idea is in a growing industry, you can use this information to improve your product or service. However, you must ensure that you conduct the research thoroughly.


Do you need to conduct market research before you start developing your idea? There are many options available. Some companies conduct surveys, and others do it through secondary sources. In most cases, conducting primary market research will help you get the most information about a specific market segment. By conducting research, you can find out which niche you should target and which audience to focus on for your product. So, conduct research. You can also use a combination of methods.


In general, the best way to conduct market research is to talk to people who have similar interests. You can also conduct secondary market research using data from government sources, such as trade associations and census data. This data will provide a broad view of the market but may be outdated. If you need to test your new idea with the public, you can also conduct surveys using social media. But do not forget that primary research can be expensive.


Developing a prototype

Before you begin producing your final product, you must first develop a prototype of your idea. This step involves fine-tuning the design and developing a working model. To create a prototype, you should look for similar products that you would like to create. You can do this by taking them apart, studying their construction and functionality, and developing a working model. A prototype also allows you to test the idea before it goes to mass production.


A prototype allows you to make changes to your idea as needed before it goes to production. It also lets you get detailed feedback from stakeholders and costs far less than creating a finished product. Many people struggle to translate ideas into words and visualize a 2D design in the flesh. Developing a prototype can help you overcome these difficulties and ensure your idea is as functional as possible. By ensuring that the concept is functional and appealing, you can begin the manufacturing process.


Creating a prototype of your idea is a vital early stage in the invention process. The process of creating a prototype allows you to see your creation for the first time. Take the time to consider the benefits and steps involved in developing a prototype of your idea. And don’t worry, it is definitely possible to make a prototype yourself! In fact, it’s often the best way to find out whether a product works for people.


Making a prototype can be complicated for first-time entrepreneurs. It’s easy to get discouraged and overwhelmed. The world of product development is vast, and the process of prototyping your idea can be complicated and confusing. This article will walk you through the process step-by-step. After you have a 3D design concept, you’re ready to make a prototype. Once your prototype is done, it’s time to get the design ready for manufacturing.


There are several different types of prototypes, each with a distinct purpose. A “proof of concept” prototype is the first one. A proof-of-concept prototype is not as refined and high-quality, but it does show the final product’s functionality. You can also show this prototype to investors or customers to see if they’d like your product. You can also try building a working prototype of your idea using household materials or cheap 3D printing.


Filing a patent

If you have an idea for a product or service, it may be worth considering filing a patent application. Filing a patent is important for several reasons. First, it can protect your confidential information. Second, it will give you a filing date. And third, it will give you some legal protection, especially if you want to sell the product or service to others. But what is the best time to file a patent application?


First, you should be aware of your rights. When filing a patent application, you must make sure that your invention has not been made public before the filing date. Furthermore, your invention must have a practical application. If you think your idea is just a concept, you should avoid patenting it. If you’re a software developer, you can file a patent application for your product. However, if you’re not an expert in the field, it’s unlikely that your idea will be patented.


In addition to paying for a patent attorney, it’s important to consider whether your idea can be patented. Filing a patent is a long process and can be expensive. You’ll need to file for a full non-provisional patent and pay filing fees. Your patent application can take as much as two years to be approved. During this time, you’ll want to focus on making the product or service more marketable.

InventHelp – 5 Marketing Tips For Small Business At Trade Show

One of the best places for small business owners to make connections and market their ideas is a trade show. The right trade show can provide you with an “in” to kick start your business. For business owners with a great invention, it’s hard to beat attendance at a good trade show.


Your trade show attendance isn’t just about making connections, either. It is also a chance for you to attend helpful sessions on a variety of strategies and techniques that, when applied, can boost your business. However, attending a trade show requires planning, since most trade shows  cost money.


Nicole Lininger, the Director of INPEX, the largest trade show for inventors in the United States, believes that it’s important to prepare for any trade show. She also works for InventHelp, the sister company to INPEX, to help small business owners and inventors prepare for trade shows.

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“The goal is to connect inventors and entrepreneurs to companies,” Lininger says. “If you have an idea, you can market it at a trade show, connecting with decision makers that can potentially help you advance your product.”


If you want to make the most of your next trade show, Lininger offers five tips that any inventor or small business owner can use to make the most of any trade show:


  1. Prepare an Elevator Pitch

“You need to be able to talk about yourself in a short, concise manner,” says Lininger. Any business owner needs to be able to describe what he or she does in 45 seconds or less – about the time you have on an elevator ride. Craft a pitch that is straightforward, and clearly describes your business, product, or invention. Do your best to make it attention-grabbing. If you can’t explain what you do quickly and clearly, work on your concept until you can.


  1. Bring Someone With You

This is about dividing and conquering. If you are attending a trade show as an exhibitor, this is especially important. “You don’t want to be the only person in your booth,” says Lininger. “If you have to go somewhere, it’s good to have someone else in the booth so that attendees can speak with someone.”


Whether you need to attend a meeting, or whether there is an informative master class that you wish to learn from, you need to feel comfortable about leaving your booth.


  1. Offer Giveaways

“Giveaways are always good,” says Lininger. “A promotional item with info about you and your company is something that others can take with them, and remember you.” Not only will a giveaway draw more people to your booth if you are an exhibitor, but the item you choose can help you stand out in another’s memory. This works even if you aren’t exhibiting. A giveaway is a perfect way to break the ice, and create an impression in a potential partner’s mind. “If you already have a product sample, that’s the best giveaway,” says Lininger. “You can demonstrate your product, or pass out a few.”


  1. Use Business Cards Effectively

Don’t forget that business cards are still a big part of the trade show experience. Lininger says that many small business owners, inventors, and purchasing representatives still pass out business cards at INPEX and other trade shows. It makes sense to run off business cards of your own. When you collect a business card from someone, quickly jot down information on the back. “As you collect business cards, jot down notes on the back,” suggests Lininger. “Make a note of the people you need to follow up with, or who you promised a sample to. You want to be able to follow up quickly, and keep your promises.” This also works on an electronic level. You can use apps like Evernote to snap images of business cards and people, and then attach notes so that you remember your connections, and so that you can form better partnership with them later.


  1. Attend Informative Classes and Sessions

When it comes to INPEX, Lininger says that there is the possibility to buy a pass to educational sessions. “You can get a pass to seminars and presentations before the floor opens,” she says. Many other trade shows and conferences offer this option as well.


If you are an inventor or small business owner who isn’t quite ready to exhibit, this can be a good way to learn, as well as to network. For those who are wary of paying to attend a show right now, check to see if there is a public access option. INPEX opens its doors to the general public on the final day, and this can be just the right opportunity to walk the floor and get a feel for the show. Lininger also suggests that you can get more tips by following trade shows like INPEX on Twitter. (INPEX is @Invention_Show.) There are numerous online resources that can help you get ready for any trade show.


Plan ahead, and your trade show experience can be the perfect place to market your idea to potential partners and buyers.

The Benefits Of Hiring InventHelp – Factors To Get The Best Patent Services

There are many benefits to hiring InventHelp for your patent needs. For one, you pay a nominal fee, which will help you get started. They also offer a free prototype and can refer you to a patent attorney, who is experienced in helping inventors with their patent needs. Finally, InventHelp’s patent attorneys are experienced and well-trained. All of these factors help you get the best patent services possible.

Charges a small fee

If you have a great idea for a product or service, you should contact an invention-patent attorney for assistance. Many people have trouble filing patents on their own. InventHelp can help by providing patent referrals and assistance with packaging your idea and submitting it to companies. They will also keep your idea confidential and will work with you to get it patented. There are many things you need to know about patents and the invention process.

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InventHelp works to submit your idea for patenting as well as write a press release about your idea. The press release will not disclose the workings of your invention, but it will be distributed to nearly 3000 newsrooms worldwide. This will get your idea in front of your niche audience and allow you to contact companies that may be interested in your product. InventHelp will also help you market your idea and secure funding.


Before hiring a patent attorney, it is important to consider their success rate. A good patent attorney should be able to obtain two to four published or secured patents every month. The higher the success rate, the greater the chances of your product’s commercial success. If you don’t have a patent, you can still sell your product. By investing in patent services, you can protect your ideas for decades.


Provides a prototype

There are several steps in the process of filing a patent. InventHelp will not only help you to patent your idea, but they will also help you market your invention to your target market. While a working prototype may not be necessary, a design prototype will help you to show potential investors and companies your invention. You can also refer InventHelp to your patent attorney to help with the process.


InventHelp is not a law firm, but it does provide ongoing guidance through the entire process. In addition to preparing your patent application, InventHelp will write and distribute a press release about your idea, keeping your idea confidential. Your release will be distributed to nearly 3000 newsrooms worldwide, getting your idea in front of your niche market. InventHelp will even help you contact companies that sell similar products.


InventHelp can help you protect your idea while also creating a working prototype. A working prototype attracts investors and companies, and a working prototype will attract both of those. It is essential for a business to succeed. InventHelp can help you develop a working prototype and market it through their extensive network of resources. You can even seek financial help from angel investors or venture capitalists.


Refers you to a patent attorney

Hiring a patent attorney is a significant investment for your tech company, so you’ll want to build it into your annual budget. One tip for hiring an attorney is to choose one with an open-book billing policy. This will allow you to know what to expect ahead of time about the fees you’ll pay. Make sure the lawyer you hire has a proven track record in patent cases and has successful results. Also, check out their credentials.


InventHelp is an innovative company with offices in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The company’s employees are writers, animators, and researchers. It has regional offices in over sixty cities nationwide. Its people understand the needs of inventors and have extensive experience in the field. As an example, they can refer you to a patent attorney for the best patent services. If you are an inventor looking for help, consider InventHelp. They are a great way to get started. The company has been in the business for over 35 years and have added new employees and locations.


A patent is a necessary investment for your business. Your idea is valuable only if it makes a difference in the world. By securing a patent, you can start earning money from your idea within a few months. The company is dedicated to helping you develop your idea and launch it in the market. All you need to do is follow the instructions provided by the patent attorney to file your application.


Patent attorneys are experienced

InventHelp’s patent attorneys offer extensive experience in guiding new inventors through the process of obtaining a patent. Not only do they handle patent applications, but they also provide valuable resources and support to help inventors market their inventions. Their experts will guide you through the process and ensure the best outcome. Read on to learn more about the benefits of working with InventHelp. Here are just a few of the advantages of hiring their services.


Having a working prototype of your invention is essential for attracting investors and businesses. InventHelp patent service can help you create a working prototype, which is crucial in gaining funding and securing investors. In addition to prototyping services, InventHelp offers a host of resources to help you market your product. These resources include business ideas, marketing strategies, and patent services. The goal is to market your invention so you can increase its chances of success.


Ensure the Success of Your Business

Investing in a patent attorney with experience will ensure the success of your business, and will create a stronger brand name for you. InventHelp’s patent attorneys will also work with you to develop a working prototype, which will help you secure funding and interest from businesses. Then, you can proceed to patent your invention. You may even want to consider launching your product yourself. If you have a great idea, patenting it will ensure that your product is protected and marketed successfully.


The experience of a patent attorney is crucial for obtaining the best patents. InventHelp’s patent attorneys are highly skilled and have a long track record of success. You can trust their experience and expertise and have peace of mind knowing your invention will be protected. In addition to being experienced, they will also be available to answer any questions you have about your invention. With so many benefits, choosing an experienced patent attorney is a smart decision.


The patent attorney will work closely with you to create a thorough description of your invention. The description must explain how your invention works, how it is made, and how customers will benefit from it. It is important to highlight the benefits of your invention as well as the plan for marketing it. A patent will protect your idea for decades. It is important to secure the rights to your idea and avoid losing your product due to competition.

How InventHelp Patent Services Can Protect Your Invention?

When you first come up with an idea, you may not have the time to worry about the legalities of protecting your invention. As a new inventor, you have a lot of things to think about and need to spend as much time as possible working on your creation. You don’t have the time to spend figuring out all the different legal processes. InventHelp patent services take care of the red tape for you, letting you focus on perfecting your invention.


Table of Contents


1 InventHelp’s patent attorneys have expertise in the field you are interested in.

2 InventHelp’s patent attorneys have in-house legal counsel to resolve any intellectual property issues.

3 InventHelp provides a working prototype.

4 InventHelp charges a small fee for patent services.

5 InventHelp’s attorneys have a proven track record of success.

InventHelp’s patent attorneys have expertise in the field you are interested in.

You should choose a patent attorney with extensive experience in the field you are interested in. Patent attorneys with extensive experience in a particular field are better able to determine your competition’s strengths and weaknesses. They can help you secure the most profitable patent for your product. InventHelp patent attorneys have expertise in the fields you are interested in and have in-house legal counsel that is familiar with the intricacies of intellectual property law.

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While there are many companies offering similar services, InventHelp is a unique company with a proven track record of success. A patent attorney with expertise in the field you are interested in will tailor a patent application that meets your needs. While there are many advantages to hiring a patent attorney, experience is the most important factor when choosing a patent lawyer. While you will have to pay for their time and expertise, it will make the experience worthwhile.


In addition to a patent attorney’s experience, an attorney’s track record is important. The higher their success rate, the greater your chances of being successful. When your patent application is filed, your product may become profitable sooner than you initially thought. A quality patent will change the valuation equation and create a legal barrier between you and your competitors. A patent will allow you to sell your idea more easily and attract investors.


InventHelp’s patent attorneys have in-house legal counsel to resolve any intellectual property issues.

InventHelp’s patent attorneys have extensive experience in the patenting field and excellent reputations in the industry. A well-known patent attorney will go above and beyond their job descriptions to help you with your patent application. If your patent lawyer isn’t well-known, he or she might not have the experience and knowledge to review your application. This puts your idea at risk and makes it harder to sell.


InventHelp’s patent attorneys also help female inventors navigate the patent process. With their expertise, they can demystify the process and find funding sources to help protect their IP.


Patent litigation can be a tricky business. Patent attorneys can help you navigate the process by assessing the risk of infringement, generating non-infringement opinions, and preparing legal arguments to support your business. In addition, patent attorneys can help you design around a problem patent by working on its file history. A strong patent portfolio can create a lucrative revenue stream for your company.


The patent attorney at InventHelp has extensive experience in the manufacturing industry. The intellectual property landscape in the manufacturing industry is complex, spans multiple industries, and changes rapidly. Their expertise in this area makes them uniquely qualified to advise clients on issues that can affect their businesses. Also, InventHelp’s in-house attorneys have a lot of knowledge and experience in key areas of the industry.


InventHelp provides a working prototype.

InventHelp offers a number of benefits for new inventors. Their support services include patent preparation and working prototypes. They can also provide helpful inspiration for your invention. They are a trusted source of advice and resources and can help you get started. These benefits can make the patenting process a lot less stressful. In this article, we’ll discuss the key advantages of using InventHelp patent services.


InventHelp’s patent services are perfect for those with an idea but don’t want to be a patent lawyer. They provide patent references and help you package and market your idea. InventHelp will also keep your idea confidential and will never give you an opinion on your invention. They will provide a working prototype for patent protection. By working closely with you, InventHelp will help you patent your idea without costing you a dime.


In addition to patenting your invention, InventHelp helps you create a 3-D model of your invention to market your idea. The 3-D model helps you explain the functions and benefits of your invention to potential investors. It also helps you market the product before you even apply for patent protection. You’ll have a much more successful product in the market when you protect it with a patent.


InventHelp charges a small fee for patent services.

Although InventHelp does not offer legal advice, their referral service to patent attorneys may save you the hassle of dealing with an expensive bill. The cost of patent attorney services can easily run into the thousands of dollars for some inventors. For the most basic services, however, the fee will only be a few hundred dollars. So, it’s important to choose the right patent attorney for your needs. Here are some tips to make sure you choose a patent attorney:


InventHelp’s patent attorneys charge a small fee for their work. But it’s worth the fee when you consider the value of protecting your intellectual property. While an attorney may help you avoid costly mistakes, he or she won’t make them yourself. Moreover, you’ll be able to maximise your product’s potential by hiring a patent attorney. A patent lawyer can help you avoid making mistakes that will cost you a lot of money, get licenses, and market your product.


InventHelp’s attorneys have a proven track record of success.

InventHelp has helped hundreds of inventors protect their ideas with patents. Patents protect the idea for decades. After an inventor secures a patent, he can start selling his product. The fees associated with a patent are deducted from the profits of the product. InventHelp’s attorneys have a proven track record of protecting inventions.


InventHelp is a patent service provider that works with inventors to bring their inventions to market. InventHelp offers consultations free of charge and charges a fee that is far less expensive than a law firm. The attorneys on the team have an extensive track record of protecting inventions.


A patent attorney can help an inventor navigate the complex patent process. It is best to work with someone who has experience in the field. This way, an attorney can determine your competitors and the best patent type for your invention. An attorney can also help you develop a prototype to test a product and get interest from businesses. In the end, patent protection can help your product get off the ground and become a successful business.

InventHelp: What to Consider When Hiring Patent Referral Services?

Living in an era where great ideas are really quick to copy – you need to save them ASAP.


Here’s one way you can patent your ideas/products.


When hiring a patent referral service, you want to hire someone with a lot of experience. A new company may not have the knowledge necessary to help you in all areas, but Invent Help has been helping inventors for 35 years, and its offices and personnel are always expanding to meet the needs of the inventor community.


You can trust that these people will provide you with the best service possible.



  1. 1. Charges or fees
  2. 2. Services and resources
  3. 3. Offers a virtual invention browsing experience
  4. 4. InventHelp helps you develop a working prototype
  5. 5. A reputable and experienced company
  6. 6. Help in the complete patent process
  7. Charges or fees

If you are an aspiring inventor, you may have been looking for assistance from an inventor patent attorney to investors and service providers who can help you get your product on store shelves.

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One of the companies on your radar may be InventHelp. They charge a small fee when you hire patent referral services, but you can rest assured that you will be kept confidential. You can hire them without any fear of being sued.


InventHelp charges a small fee for its patent referral services, but to get a high-quality patent is well worth the money. This protection will prevent others from stealing your idea. A high-quality patent can make a world of difference to your experience and can ensure that you are not stealing anyone’s ideas. It is also important to remember that patent protection can be expensive, so hire an expert as soon as possible.


  1. Services and resources

InventHelp offers a wide range of patent services and resources, but they may not be right for everyone. You may not need patent services to file your patent application, but it might be the best option for you if you want to start your own business. In addition to patent services, They also offer marketing assistance, including promotional videos and other materials.


A working prototype can help attract investors and companies and help you secure funding.


After hiring a patent referral service, you will receive ongoing guidance and assistance throughout the invention process. They can refer you to a patent attorney, write a press release, and help you develop a working prototype. They can also write the patent application, which will increase your chances of success. Ultimately, they are a trusted source of information and support. If you hire the patent referral services of a well-known company like InventHelp, you can start earning money in as little as six months.


When hiring a patent referral service, you should ensure the one you choose has a long track record of success. While it is possible to find a lawyer with a proven track record of helping inventors obtain patents, hiring a patent attorney with extensive experience is crucial. Having a patent can make all the difference in the success of your product. Remember that unpatented ideas are still worth selling.


  1. Offers a virtual invention browsing experience

InventHelp patent referral services are backed by over nine thousand companies with confidential agreements. Their goal is to provide inventors with an honest evaluation of their ideas and a fair chance in the marketplace. Their virtual invention browsing experience can be helpful to an inventor looking for the right company to work with.


Their website provides a virtual experience of browsing through inventions and helping inventors to select the right company to work with. Its website features a number of useful information on inventions and is easy to navigate. The website also offers virtual patent applications, as well as the ability to view the invention’s prototype model. This virtual browsing experience is beneficial to budding inventors who are not sure whether their ideas are worth pursuing further.


  1. InventHelp helps you develop a working prototype

To patent an idea, you must first create a working prototype. A working prototype can show how your product or service will be used, and you can market it by selling it as a product or service. To protect your invention, it is recommended to hire patent referral services. If you’re not sure where to begin, you should get legal advice before you start.


The next step in the invention development process is developing a working prototype. The prototype can take the form of different sizes, features, and designs. Although the prototypes themselves will not be functional, they are still essential to demonstrating to manufacturers and investors what your invention will look like in the end. These professionals have extensive experience working with inventors and can help you create a working prototype in no time at all.


The process of patenting an invention can be complicated and confusing. In many cases, an inventor will not have enough time to complete this step alone. To help you make the process as smooth as possible, hire patent referral services to develop a working prototype. They will help you package your idea, submit it to companies, and get you a patent for your invention. They also keep your ideas confidential so that no one else sees them before you do.


An accurate working prototype increases your chances of success. It also attracts the interest of investors and companies and you can also create stunning promotional videos and other marketing materials. This way, your product will get the attention it deserves and attract investors and companies. This is crucial for gaining funding. This way, you can move toward the next stage of development.


  1. A reputable and experienced company

When choosing a company to help you with your invention, you should look for a reputable and experienced company. Invention services may be newer and do not have the expertise you need to navigate the patent process successfully. Make sure to choose a company with experience in helping inventors and that has expanded its offices across the country. InventHelp has the expertise and personnel to handle your unique needs.


  1. Help in the complete patent process

The first step in the patenting process is the filing of a patent application. Invent Help can help you with this process, providing a prototype model and patent attorneys who can review your invention and provide expert advice on how to file a patent. This is an essential step in the invention process. You need to protect your idea by filing a patent application, so it is important to have an attorney.


Patent services are important for the protection of your invention, patent attorneys can help you secure a patent, as well as help you market your product. A patent attorney will guide you through the patent process and ensure your invention is protected. Once a patent is granted, you’ll be on your way to selling your product!


At what stage are you of your idea?


Do you think patenting would help you?

Should You Hire the Services of an InventHelp Patent Attorney?

If you have an idea that could potentially make you rich, you may be wondering whether or not you should hire the services of an InventHelp patent attorney. The attorney’s services are not inexpensive, but they do have a good reputation and will provide you with an efficient service. Read on to find out why InventHelp’s patent attorney is a good choice for marketing your invention. And remember that you can always hire another patent attorney at a later date if you change your mind.


InventHelp’s patent attorney can help you market your invention

There are several benefits to hiring an InventHelp patent attorney. A patent attorney is licensed to help new inventors understand the legal process and get the most for their invention. They also help new inventors decide which patent application type to file. In addition, a patent attorney can recommend independent patent attorneys who specialize in your invention’s market. In addition to helping new inventors market their inventions, a patent attorney is an invaluable asset to an inventor’s success.

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The first step in promoting your invention is developing a working prototype. Without a working prototype, it’s difficult to attract investors and businesses. A prototype allows you to test the product or service to potential clients. If your prototype is successful, investors and companies will be interested in collaborating with you. With InventHelp’s patent attorney, you can market your invention to attract investors and other companies.


Get media coverage

Another key step in marketing your invention is to get media coverage. An invention marketing company will write a press release describing your invention without revealing its inner workings. The press release will be submitted to more than nine thousand newsrooms and magazines through their PR Newswire network. It is imperative that your press release is accurate and includes quotes from multiple sources. InventHelp’s patent attorney will help you create a press release that will help you achieve your goals.


The InventHelp patent attorney will guide you throughout the process, from creating a prototype to submitting it to companies. The process can be long or short, but the most critical step is identifying a market niche for your product. It’s critical to have a business plan to help you identify the right market for your product. With the help of an InventHelp patent attorney, you can market your invention to thousands of companies.


InventHelp’s patent attorney has a good reputation

Before hiring a patent attorney, you should determine the area of expertise of the lawyer. An experienced patent attorney will have extensive knowledge of the industry you are aiming to enter. For example, you might be interested in designing a game system. A good patent attorney will be able to help you figure out who your competitors are and what patent you’ll need to secure. The attorney should also be willing to share some ideas that you’ve had while developing your product or invention.


When it comes to hiring a patent attorney, you should always make sure that he has a good reputation. InventHelp’s patent attorney has an excellent reputation, so you should feel confident in choosing them. In addition to helping you protect your intellectual property, they also provide patent referrals and assistance in packaging your ideas. Another benefit of InventHelp is that they have offices throughout the United States.


Long track record

The patent attorney at InventHelp has a long track record of obtaining patents for their clients. This firm uses a variety of tools and techniques to make the process much easier. Their one-on-one consultation with the client will ensure that their patent application is unique and properly protected. Experience is the most important factor in choosing the best patent services. Experienced professionals will tailor their approach to meet your specific needs.


Hiring a patent attorney from InventHelp can help you protect your intellectual property, secure a license, and even market your product. It can save you money, stress, and time. Moreover, you’ll be able to focus on marketing your invention instead of worrying about how to patent it. And, if you’re new to the field of inventions, it can be difficult to protect your invention. The help of an expert patent attorney is crucial for the success of your business.


InventHelp’s patent attorney charges a premium

While InventHelp does charge a small fee for its patent services, the money comes from the profits of your invention. However, InventHelp’s patent attorney is not a lawyer and cannot offer legal advice on the merits of your idea. An idea may take years to develop before it can become a profitable product. For this reason, having the right help is critical. This article will give you an overview of what you can expect from the patent services offered by InventHelp.


If you are in need of a patent, hiring an attorney from a patent firm can help you avoid costly mistakes. Not only can a patent attorney protect your idea, but they also help you with the entire patent process. Hiring a patent attorney will save you from countless hours of research and work. While patenting your idea is a complex process, it is crucial that you have solid writing and project management skills. A patent attorney will ensure that your idea is protected and that you have the best possible chance of success.




InventHelp patent attorney charges based on the amount of time the attorney will save you. The service provides many benefits, and it is well worth the premium. InventHelp’s patent attorneys can evaluate your invention and help formulate the best strategy for patent protection. InventHelp’s patent attorneys can also help you to identify gaps in your invention. With their extensive database of over nine thousand companies, InventHelp can help you find the best commercialization opportunities for your product.


InventHelp’s patent attorney is affordable

InventHelp’s patent attorney is incredibly affordable. You will pay an affordable fee for the service, including the time saved. You can also handle legal issues on your own, or hire a separate patent attorney. The fee for professional services is often significantly less than the cost of paying for them yourself. In fact, if you’re not sure whether you should hire a patent attorney, you should ask InventHelp.


When choosing a patent attorney, find one whose success rate is higher than 2%. Ideally, a patent attorney will get two to four patents a month, so a high success rate means a higher chance of your product getting protected. However, if their success rate is low, you may end up paying more than you should for the services. Instead, look for a patent attorney who has an impressive track record and a reasonable fee.




InventHelp’s patent attorney is highly-experienced and affordable. They help inventors get their ideas onto the market by matching them with an attorney. They also maintain a database of over nine thousand companies that might be interested in licensing your invention. You can also benefit from free consultations with patent attorneys with InventHelp. While hiring a patent attorney is expensive, the fee is still much lower than hiring a law firm.



While you can hire a patent attorney yourself, an invention submission company may be the best choice if you need assistance patenting your product. A patent attorney will help you market your product and help you get it patented. They are also able to help you find a graphic designer and attend trade shows. They also provide press releases and can help you market your product. In addition to their patent attorney services, InventHelp has a wide range of services for their clients, including invention packaging and marketing.

Getting an InventHelp Patent Service – Save Time and Money

Are you wondering whether to get a patent Service for your idea? If so, you are not alone. In fact, a lot of entrepreneurs are in this situation. Many companies fail to patent their products because they lack the necessary funding to get them published. In addition to allowing inventors to sell their products without paying for patents, InventHelp helps them find a patent attorney. Not only does it save time and money, but it also provides a simple and fast process for developing a prototype.

Offers free patent services

When you have an idea, you can get your idea patented without incurring high legal costs by using InventHelp patent services. Their patent professionals have decades of experience and have helped countless innovators protect their ideas with a patent. Not only will they streamline the patent process, but they can also offer you suggestions and advice along the way. Here are a few reasons why you should use InventHelp’s free patent services.

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Experience is an essential factor when choosing the right invention to help the company. A reputable service provider will give you a straightforward explanation of the services they offer and how much risk is involved. InventHelp is proud of its track record and prides itself on providing clear answers to all questions.


Aside from offering free patent services, InventHelp also helps you develop a working prototype of your product. A successful prototype is an essential part of your business plan, attracting investors and businesses alike. Without a working prototype, your idea will never become a successful business. This is why InventHelp provides free prototype services. They also offer other resources to help you develop your new product. So, don’t wait to get started with your new invention!


Helps you find a patent attorney

A good patent attorney should be experienced in the field of invention. He or she should also have a background in the same area as the product. A patent attorney can help you identify competitors and ensure that your product will be protected by the best possible patent. A good patent attorney also has access to in-house legal counsel that can assist you with any questions you may have about intellectual property. Using an InventHelp patent service will help you find a patent attorney who has expertise in the field of invention.


The process of patenting a product is a complicated one. There are many steps to complete. InventHelp has an expert team that helps aspiring entrepreneurs navigate the patent process. Experts are available to help you formulate your ideas and make the process easier for you. Patenting is not an easy process and it’s important to have the right team to guide you.


Another way that InventHelp helps you find a patent lawyer is to distribute your publicity releases to the press. This service will contact reporters on your behalf, distributing them to major media outlets and niche publications. They will also distribute your press release to trade magazines and directories for distribution. Publicity needs action, so Invent Help will personally reach out to potential clients. The persistent work of InventHelp will ensure that your invention reaches the right audience and is protected.


Offers a simple, efficient process

While many new inventors may think that the process of obtaining a patent is difficult, a reputable patent service like InventHelp is a great choice for those just starting out. They provide a complete patent service, including free evaluations of your inventions, and can even help you formulate and market your ideas to the target market.


As the first step in the patenting process, InventHelp helps inventors make their ideas into reality. They collaborate closely with inventors and don’t make big promises before the work is completed. This puts you in the best possible position to launch your product into the market. They work with you every step of the way, from brainstorming to filing the patent. And because they’re on your side throughout the entire process, InventHelp will ensure that you get the maximum protection for your invention.


When choosing a patent service, it’s essential to choose a company with an outstanding reputation for confidentiality. A good service will follow strict guidelines and have a track record of achieving patents for their clients. Whether you decide to go for a patent service or go it alone, be sure to find a company that specializes in the field and has a strong track record of success. After all, no one can guarantee you’ll get a patent for your invention without any legal assistance.


Helps you develop a prototype

There are several ways to protect your invention. You can file a patent for it, but without a working prototype, your invention will likely fail to attract investors or businesses. InventHelp patent services can help you with both aspects. InventHelp has a database of resources that helps entrepreneurs develop prototypes. Once the prototype is ready, InventHelp will help you market your product to attract investors and companies.


When it comes to patenting, InventHelp patent services are invaluable for the new inventor. These professional inventors have the experience to help you develop a prototype and submit it to the right authorities. They are committed to ensuring your ideas remain confidential, and their professionals can make your process as easy as possible. They can also offer suggestions and help you formulate your ideas so that they’ll be accepted by the proper authorities.


When it comes to submitting an invention for a patent, it’s vital to make sure the concept is unique and not similar to one already on the market. This means that InventHelp patent services help you develop a prototype that demonstrates the product and its benefits. The process is much faster than attempting to submit an application to the Patent Office on your own. With the help of an attorney, your idea will be evaluated by a team of experts who are experts in the field and can guide you every step of the way.


Lowers your costs

When you start thinking about how to protect your intellectual property, you might be surprised to learn that patent services can lower your costs significantly. Patents can be expensive, and only two to three percent of the patents issued each year are ever actually created. Fortunately, InventHelp’s patent services can lower your costs considerably. Here’s how. InventHelp patent services can help you get a patent on your invention, and save you a bundle in the process.


InventHelp patent services include prototyping. Without a working prototype, your business plan is incomplete. A working prototype is vital to gaining investors and selling your product. An InventHelp patent attorney can guide you through the prototyping process, making it as easy as possible. You don’t need to have a working prototype to begin prototyping, but you do need to write an extensive description of your idea.


The InventHelp patent attorney will analyze your invention’s potential for market success. He’ll determine whether your invention is unique, or whether there is a need for it. In addition, your patent attorney will work closely with you throughout the entire process.